Gifts for Someone You Love

1. NW Pear Small Jar - A seasonal favorite, pear with notes of musk + berries.

2. Wild Honey Small Jar - A year round favorite, this candle soft + sweet with notes of tangerine + jasmine. 

3. Cucumber Lemongrass Small Jar - A limited scent, fresh cucumber + floral lemongrass.

4. Citrus Small Jar - An invigorating combo of mango + grapefruit in bright + festive candle.

5. Champagne Quartz Necklace -  The perfect pink sparkle for a Valentine's Day Gift.

6. Eternity Necklace - Share your love for Eternity with this timeless piece.

7. Sweetheart Necklace - You can never go wrong with a classic heart necklace.

8. Unity Necklace - Unify your love with this gorgeous gold necklace.

9. Opal Studs - The perfect ethereal sparkle for the one you love.

10. Star + Moon Drops - For the chic + trendy Valentine.

11. Mini Matchstick Earrings - Sleek, shiny, versatile + timeless earrings.

12. Medium Coin Huggies - Rustic coin earrings with a sparkle.

13. Eternity Ring - Make it a gift set with the Eternity Necklace or share your love for Eternity with a beautiful handmade ring.

14. Suncatcher Bracelet - Beautiful gold medallions on a gold chain that sparkles in the sun.

15. Herringbone Chain - A classic but unique piece for the Valentine that loves jewelry.

16. Stacking Rings - Trendy single rings or beautiful add ons to stack with a special ring. 

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